Planning and Reporting

Leave lengthy, inefficient planning processes behind and accelerate your planning and reporting.

Transform planning and reporting with SKS, create a common data foundation to plan, report and forecast across the organisation. All data flows into a unified solution this promotes consistency and transparency of your data as well as the processes based on it.

Plan faster by automating workflows forecasting, plan and budget data can be easily written back to source systems.

operational reporting4Plan in days instead of weeks

Plan more efficiently, more often, and more accurately

Respond quickly to variances to increase resilience and agility

Uncover variances with automated forecasts and quickly respond to deviations from plan.

Automate recurring processes

Automatically collect and merge data to gain speed and reduce errors.

Encouraging collaboration across departments in planning, reporting and analysis optimises value creation. Instead of seemingly endless email trails of spreadsheets, experts enter their actuals directly, including comments. This ensures real-time access to the most current data and their effect on the overall performance. Plus, data can be enriched in the database for a more holistic view. Workflows for inputs and approvals as well as user roles with different authorisations provide additional improvements to collaboration.


operational reporting3



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