Attraction Analytics



Ticket Sales & Attendance
Annual Pass Sales & Revenue Release
Revenue shares / disbursements

Commercial Revenue

Commercial Revenue

Food & Beverage
Third Party Revenues
Loss Prevention

Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Cost Centre Reporting
Budgets and Forecasts
Predictive analysis and planning

Additional Analysis

Additional Analysis

Payroll analysis & forecasting
Cash & Card Reconciliation


  • Attraction Analytics enables attractions with ticketing, EPOS, retail systems to consolidate both financial and operational data providing insight into the daily trends and performance of individual and collective elements of the attractions.
  • Simplifying the process not only saves on time and resources, but allows Attractions to identify successful business campaigns and promotions, customer trends and a benchmark for improving overall performance and profitability.
  • SKS has unrivalled experience in the Attraction sector having successfully worked with leading companies since 1998 implementing and maintaining Attraction Performance Management solutions.

Operational Reporting

By consolidation financial and operation data into single version of the truth, providing data integrity and insight our customers can use this for:

  • Daily Revenue Reporting consolidated across single and multiple attractions
  • Scenario analysis and what if planning
  • Loss prevention reporting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Management Reporting
  • HR and Time & Attendance reporting

Attraction Analytics is a modular system, choose what you need to report and analyse

Attraction Analytics has been developed by Shared Knowledge Solutions and is based on 15+ years of experience working with visitor attractions worldwide. It is a scalable solution for a single attraction through to multiple sites.

icon advanced sales

Advanced sales and admissions analysis

icon annual pass

Annual pass/membership sales, visits and in attraction spend

icon retail

Retail and F&B product sales

icon payroll

Payroll cost reporting and planning

icon weather

Weather analysis

icon management accounts

Management accounts and cost centre reporting

icon analysis

Year on year analysis, comparing same day and holiday periods across multiple years

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