IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Plan continuously and with greater accuracy

ibm planning1IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting and drive more intelligent workflows. Built on TM1, IBM’s powerful calculation engine, Planning Analytics enables collaborative, interactive planning across the business.

Collaborate across your organisation

With the help of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, you can automate and streamline planning without disrupting your existing business processes.

Create plans in a web-based interface

Manage, analyse and contribute to plans with an easy-to-use digital experience.

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Gain visibility into your data

The IBM Planning Analytics with Watson OLAPin-memory database, IBM Cognos connects directly to source data and refreshes in real-time, meaning all users see the same data, trusting one version of the truth

Use Microsoft Excel within Planning Analytics with Watson

Work in the familiar Excel interface, retaining full functionality and formatting, while enjoying the power of an enterprise planning solution. Interoperability allows users to work in one or both interfaces.

Data Transformation Predictive Analytics img3Test scenarios to determine next steps

Create personal sandboxes to compare different scenarios and test assumptions. See the impact of your decisions before making them.

Uncover deep insights through robust dashboards

Built in reporting and analysis capabilities help users to identify trends, drill down into your data, and more.

financial planning and corporate performance management img2Analytics Powered Enterprise Performance Management:

Aligning financial and operational objectives

Configure and customise your EPM solution

Your business processes are unique to your industry, company size and organisation. The powerful modeling engine enables you to build tailored EPM solutions.

Create flexible applications for highly complex organisations, large data and user scenarios, multi-step workflows and reporting processes. Organisations of all sizes and industries use EPM today to streamline processes in many different departments. Discover how you can take advantage of the flexible software platform and the scalable in-memory database technology.


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