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Dashboarding and Data Visualisation

sales-dashboardAs soon as business users see an anomaly or negative trend, they want to explore the root causes, a dashboard quickly highlights these in a single page.

Dashboards give you an overview on how your Key Performance Indicators are performing by displaying actual performance against target. With a dashboard, you can easily:

  • Monitor your performance of budgets and operational targets
  • Check your balanced scorecard performance
  • Identify red flags

SKS has been developing enterprise wide dashboarding and data visualisation solutions for a number of years in each case our consultants work with the customer to ensure the most important metrics are tracked and displayed for each user across every line of business with the output being accessed from:

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile

Dashboards provide a starting point for visual exploration of management information through alerts and engaging visualizations. They reveal problems and opportunities and enable easy exploration of information, using drill through red flags they can be interrogated immediately by the user.

Solutions for Dashboarding – Visualising your Management Information and Balanced Scorecards on PC, on the Web and Mobile

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