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  • BOARD product brochure
    Company and product overview
  • BOARD technology overview
    Embracing new challenges
  • BOARD Mobile
    With BOARD Mobile, users on the road can now access state-of-the-art BOARD BI applications on their mobile devices
  • BOARD 8.1: What's New
    A functional and technical overview of the new features, functions, and enhancements available in BOARD 8.1
    This document offers an overview of the revolutionary HBMP technology
  • BOARD Budgeting and Planning Made Easy
    This document focuses planning processes available in a single and integrated framework
  • Financial Consolidation
    In the Financial Consolidation area, BOARD integrates its Toolkit Approach with BOARD FC, a packaged solution that natively meet all statutory and management requirements
  • FSN Executive Briefing
    Executive Briefing by Gary Simon, Group Publisher of FSN Publishing Limited and Managing Editor of FSN Newswire

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Board the new world of BI and CPM

  • All in One – Within a single product, BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application.
  • One product – BOARD was conceived as a solution to maximise the efficiency of organisations' decision-making processes, by integrating Business intelligence with Corporate Performance.
  • One vision – BOARD helps organisations reach a single vision of their performance in a simple and extremely effective manner.
  • One technology – Unlike its main competitors, BOARD is not based on a patchwork of different products and technologies coming from multiple acquisitions and then forcibly integrated.

What is Board All-in-One Business intelligence and Corporate Performance Management

Board TowerBOARD is a product that unifies Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in a single integrated environment, providing a seamless solution for the support, control and management of core processes such as:

  • reporting
  • analysis and simulation
  • scorecarding and dashboarding
  • budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • profitability modelling and optimization
  • financial consolidation
  • strategy management

By integrating BI and CPM in a single product, BOARD helps companies manage and control the entire decision-making process: from data collection to information analysis; from goal-setting to decision-making; from operational execution to results monitoring.

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